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5 Resources for Free Reading and Adult Literacy Education Online. See our list of the top free online resources for reading and adult literacy. Learn about what courses are available, what topics. Teaching Adults Resources: Online teaching resources list from Literacy Works Chicago. Resources include Adult Learner Websites, Computer Skills and more.

LINCS offers a variety of free resources for teachers, tutors, and program administrators who are interested in learning more about teaching adults to read. These resources include in-person trainings, an online series of courses, and research-based reports. The series is based on a three-day workshop on the four components of reading, developed by three experts in the field. Select the learning materials you will use. Determine whether the learner would mind using children's learning materials or if you must use adult-oriented learning materials to hold his interest. Some examples of adult materials with simple language include .

Adult literacy support. Teach reading to adults. Phonics and basic English course. Teach the phonic facts and syllable division. Adults can learn to read with confidence. Works for ALL English accents. A phonic stories book for adults mirrors the teaching order of the phonics course and makes reading fun. Apr 13, 2014 · Adult Literacy Reading Programs April 13, 2014 By Harrison Morgan 46 Comments A well-trained teacher or tutor in an adult literacy program should be trained in at least three methods, including the multisensory approach, which has proven to be effective for adult students with learning disabilities.

Laughing for Learning; The Power of Humor in Education How can you harness the power of laughter to impact your instruction? This webinar will explore how humor relieves stress, breaks down cultural barriers and provides hope and joy in our adult education classes. Several years ago, while working for LDA of Minnesota, I developed a curriculum for Beginning-level, adult readers called Story by Story.This contextual phonics model includes about 100 word lists and stories for adults learning to read (approximately GLE 0.5-2.5).