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Flybar Super Pogo Pogo Stick for Kids and Adults 14 & Up Heavy Duty for Weights 120-210 Lbs. Foam Pogo Jumper For Kids Fun and Safe Pogo Stick For Toddlers, Durable Foam and Bungee Jumper For ges 8-10 & Up, 45 to 90 Lbs Add To Cart There is a problem adding to cart.

The V4 Pogo Stick holds 2,844 cc of total air volume to create our air spring. That’s enough to create a crazy smooth, totally soft bounce that gives you the potential to jump just about as high as you could possibly imagine. The design of the pogo stick itself is actually really simple. The inside of the pogo stick is an empty chamber, at. Flybar Super Pogo 2 - Pogo Stick For Kids and Adults 14 & Up Heavy Duty For W.

Using an adult pogo stick is a great way to burn a high number of calories and fat, as well. Not only does it strengthen your back, but working out using an adult pogo stick improves your endurance and overall balance. The strength of your legs is also drastically improved, as well. Adult pogo sticks work your heart like jumping on a trampoline does, but at a more advanced level. Once thought of as a toy just for children, pogo sticks are now for adults too! Vurtego is one of the companies that have started designing pogo sticks that will allow the user to jump well over six feet into the air. With increases in technology, more companies are beginning to design pogo sticks .

The V4 pogo stick cylinder is extruded specifically for Vurtego from 6063 T5 billet aluminum. Our specially designed extrusion process creates a perfectly smooth interior wall to provide a uniform seal with the piston o-ring seal. Flybar, the Original Pogo Stick Company has been around since 1918 and from then on, has become the standard by which all pogos are measured. We are the world’s largest pogo stick manufacturer and are constantly innovating and improving the pogo stick.