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This is a really common misperception. There is no significant black population in Asia. You can't hate or love what you have never seen. I think you must have mistaken fear as hate. And this is true, Asians are scared of Blacks, but they are also. Aug 19, 2013 · I get asked that question and various riffs on it like “why do Asians hate black people?” and “why do Asians only stick with other Asians?” all the time. While these questions may seem rude, I take them seriously, not least because they contain seeds of .

Aug 11, 2009 · But Asian people hate black people is not true 73% of Asian American elect Obama.39% of white do the same thing.So who were real racist against black.White have anti black organization like KKK and Neo Nazi that Asaian don't have.Asian hate black is just racist white bullshit for devide and rule.Followers: 3. Not where I'm from. There's people from every race that hate people from certain races. You some that are racist and some that aren't. I just wonder why you're only asking about Asians in reference to black people. Btw I've heard more racial slurs from blacks toward Asians growing up than I've ever heard from Asians towards blacks.

its just that many Asians never get a chance to talk to Black people so they just think of stereotypes. once Asians talk and hang out with Black people they get along well. that's why you receive discrimination from those international students there are rarely any Blacks at all in Asian countries especially Korea. Dec 05, 2016 · Who cares if they do. I’m sure plenty of Japanese hate Chinese, and Cubans hate Mexicans, and English hate Irish. People hate. No one gets it more than any other. But, going back to your question: Do Asians Americans hate Black Americans? Answer.

I recently moved to an all Asian neighborhood. The neighborhood has Mexicans as well but they are very friendly to me. However the Asians are super rude! And I've noticed this since I was little that many Asians don't like Black people, and they stare at us like we're .