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Fibrocystic changes in your breasts may cause lumps or thickenings in your breast tissue. They do not indicate, though, the presence of cancer. In addition to causing pain and itching, fibrocystic breast changes can, at times, cause secretion of clear, white, yellow, or green nipple discharge. Galactorrhea.Author: Hilary Parker. it might not be fluid, either: most incisions -- breast or elsewhere -- get hard and lumpy as they heal, and it can take a few weeks to go away. In the absense of infection or other symptoms, most likely nothing would be done except to give it more time.

Breast Pain And Breast Swelling Caused By Fluid Retention. One cause of breast swelling can be monthly water retention due to a menstrual cycle or PMS. In addition to PMS symptoms, water retention can also be caused by excess sodium (salt) in your diet which naturally causes the body to hold more water than it requires for optimal function. Jan 25, 2011 · Re: fluid in the breast after surgery. The breast care nurse tried to take it away manually but ultimately it was taken away with the aid of ultrasound and needle at the same time and it wasn't even a big deal. Its very worrying for you and you may have to put the radiotherapy back a week but rest assured it was be sorted out.

Mar 09, 2019 · The breast area involved in the surgery may have a spot that's swollen and feels like there is liquid under the skin. Managing a seroma Most seromas are reabsorbed back into your body in about a month, but in some cases it can take up to a year. Sep 20, 2017 · Cysts are fluid-filled, round or oval sacs within the breasts. They are most often found in women in their 40s, but they can occur in women of any age. Monthly hormone changes often cause cysts to get bigger and become painful and sometimes more noticeable just before the menstrual period.Last Revised: September 20, 2017.

Metastatic breast cancer is cancer that’s spread from the breasts. The lungs are a common site for breast cancer metastases. Learn about the causes, symptoms, treatment, and more.Author: Ann Pietrangelo.