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May 10, 2013 · X Factor’s Lloyd Daniels strips off for naked gay comedy. British singer Lloyd Daniels turns to acting and gets his kit off for gay lust and love production, and admits he wants to be a naturist. Lloyd daniels is bloody well not gay you all have to get a life and grow up he's probably the best looking boy I'v ever seen in my life and I've seen tons of hot bois all the people tht are saying he is are probably gay themselves and wish they got a piece of lloyd so get a life and grow up:@! I LOVE LLOYD DANIELS SO MUCH xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Dec 18, 2010 · Lloyd Daniels from the 6th season of The X-Factor from 2009 is teasing his audience as mr September on the calendar. He will show you how he looks behind the camera and posing naked on the bed and sitting down in the shower. Mr Lloyd Daniels is rumored to be dating Miss Belle Chapman after meeting her at X Factor Bootcamp. Rumors of Belle Chapman dating Lloyd Daniels are drifting back into the media this month as.

OMG Lloyd Daniels is NAKED. And breath. Help us deliver unique, usable and reliable journalism that supports the gay, bisexual and curious community of the United Kingdom. Can you help protect LGBT+ media? Publishers like us have come under severe threat by the likes of Google and Facebook. The problem is that advertisers are choosing to. I take it that the Lloyd Daniels gay rumours were true then teenagemartyr Posts: 6,782. Forum Member. 22/11/10 - 19:21 in The X Factor #1. Or maybe someone/s with an agenda thought it would be best for Lloyd to keep the truth secret until long after his stint on the show was over. 0.Reviews: 6.8K.

Oct 15, 2009 · Best Answer: I don't know, but I wouldn't trust rumors or what the media says. I obviously don't trust rumors or the media as I do not believe any of the **** that the media has said about Michael Jackson. I'm not arguing with you because I'm not like that, peace.Status: Resolved. Remember Lloyd Daniels from the 6th series of X Factor, well he took to Instagram to share something. The singer, who came fifth in his series of X Factor has taken to Instagram calling on help from his fans. It seems as though he just can’t get the motivation for the gym – and we’re right there with him.