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“I don’t enjoy sex from a physical perspective,” she said. “I don’t feel any sexual pleasure. I have never had an orgasm, and I don’t even feel different degrees of pleasure or levels of intensity. So I wouldn’t say I don’t like sex, but it usually just leaves me feeling quite indifferent. If you are like me and you’re ready to take steps toward putting your spouse and your marriage first, here are 3 things to do when you don’t feel like having sex: 1. Have Sex Anyway. My husband loves when I show him physical affection. It is his only love language—one of the main ways he feels cared for by me.

“You can't expect someone else to get you off if you don't know how you like to be touched.” Sex Rx: Take responsibility for your own desire by exploring what turns you on in solo sessions or Author: Aviva Patz. Help! I Love my Husband but I Don’t like Sex. Has love betrayed you? The closer a woman feels emotionally to her partner, the greater desire she’ll have for sex. Women feel emotionally connected through communication.

May 17, 2016 · 5 Biggest Reasons Women Don’t Enjoy Sex. Some women struggle to enjoy sex. It’s a common and complicated issue that can make women and their partners feel isolated or less connected.Author: Women's Health, Women's Health Team. It's like there's a split to have sex with Both genders yet a part of me feels sexual guilt for wanting to have sex with both genders. I only ask that those who comment back in reply to me don't.